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 Jim and Nancy,

Our recent adoption of Kya (her racing name was Tharba) in early Nov has been nothing but a pleasure for our family. Kya is very sweet and compassionate friend. She enjoys daily walks in the early morning and evening every day, and is always at the door very excited to see us all at the end of our day. She likes to run and explore at the local shelter dog run. She is very curious and often will take some of our personal items to her bed area. Doesn't chew them, just takes ownership. We have taught her how to sit and shake hands and navigate the stairs wich was very scary for her. but now bounds up and down with joy. Kya loves laying around with us in the eve. and follows as around everywhere. Thank you so much for a wonderful friend

Terry, Lisa, Chris, Kayla Calkins.

 Jim and Nancy,

Hi Josh is doing great. I can't tell you how awesome it is to have him as part of our family. He is truly spoiled. The kids are jealous. HeHe!! I would like to thank Jim and Nancy for all the patience and time they took with us before we adopted Josh.  Ooops Josh found the couch. It was his birthday and he deserved it. I am looking foward to hopfully adoptiing another. I think Josh would love to have a playmate. Issy the Pom (I think she is 3lb now) is not quite big enough to play with Josh. Thank you all.

The Price Family

Jim and Nancy,

We hope all of you have a great holiday! Nick finally was able to get some good portraits of Doogie! He's doing great! He gets to stay out with Crystal in the house now. We're up to over 3 hours that we know we can trust them to be alone with the run of the house. He does a little dance hopping around when we get home. He's jumped up and put his paws on our shoulders a few times he was so excited. As long as we make sure the trash is up and there is no food he can reach, he's a good boy! No more accidents and no more destroying things. As long as he's got his bed he's fine! He doesn't even hear us come home until Crystal barks or the key is in the door. His bed is usually very warm, so we know exactly where he was the whole time we were gone. He still gets to go to work with me in the afternoons at least a couple days a week. Everyone at work loves him! He got a spot in our Christmas photo this year too! He was a wonderful addition to our family this year.

Have a great holiday!
Sarah and Nick Kravetz


Jim and Nancy,

Hi! Here are a couple pictures from last night after I finished Doogie's bed. He's getting spoiled. Crystal is doing good sharing all of her toys. I've made him a new collar, blanket and the monter bed! One photo is Doogie stretched out on his new bed with his blanket and Crystal's pheasant that he loves. The other photo isNick, Doogie &Crystal all loving Doogie's new bed.



Hello Jim & Nancy,

This is Kevin & Eve, from Texas we are doing fine and will miss seeing you all at the Porter County Fair again.

I am sending a picture of Eve in full retirement in the air conditioning all the time now, hope all is going well with you all.

 Dear Jim and Nancy,

Randi is wonderful. I thought it would take longer to get her to open up, but she loves it here. She does the stairs in leaps now. And I have never recieved a warmer welcome home than when Randi runs up and tries to tackle me and kiss me to death. We love her. She is part of the family already. Michael and Randi get along well. Michael is trying to teach her how to play catch, but she would rather catch the squirrels in the yard instead of the frisbee. I attatched a couple of pictures. Thank you again for our new friend.

Thanks again for this amazing gift you gave our family.


 Hello from Traveler's new family!

Traveler has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our little family. Our other greyhound, Awesome, has finally found the buddy he has been searching for. The two are inseparable, playing together with their toys, sharing their sleeping pillows, etc. It is a great site to see them run together on our property. I apologize for not updating sooner, but health issues landed me in the hospital for awhile and I am finally starting to get back on my feet. The "boys" have made everything so much fun to come home to. As we get pictures developed, I will try to send them in. 

Thank you again for our new friend.

Laura and Kori

Jim and Nancy,

Greetings from your family in Indy!! We just wanted to give you a quick update on Bobby. He's great with kids. He loves to chase them around and he's very protective of the baby. They are two peas in a pod . He's a talker and loves to say hello when you walk into the house. We've attached a picture of the big guy.

We'll talk soon,

Brad and Samantha


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